China Import and Export Service

China Import and Export Service

Importing from & Exporting to China

China Import and Export Service - Shipping to and from China by sea or air has been one of our strongest markets backed up by an excellent network of local Chinese agents.

Being an experienced China freight forwarder ensures we can provide a fast, efficient and cost effective shipping service to and from all parts of China.

The shipping terms on which you conduct business is very important, particularly on importing goods from China, please see our video. We can help with setting up your shipping or if you are already active in this market, provide you with a comparison quotation.

Our China import and export service offers air freight shipping from china and sea freight shipping to and from China, ranging from simply booking the cargo to be delivered to your door right up to providing a done-for-you, one-stop service from placement with your supplier, through production & ready date and finally taking responsibility for the shipment being delivered to your door in the UK.

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Importing Goods from China

Our China import and export service can ensure that importing goods from China is as fast and efficient as possible.

Import Costs from China

China import and export costs will vary depending on multiple factors.

Case Study

Import from China

A client contacted us for what appeared to be a standard cargo shipped from China, however unfortunately there had been a misunderstanding over the final delivery date and the client had booked a complete photo shot a week too early.

The goods coming in were the centre-pieces of the photo-shoot - polar bear dummies of various sizes to represent several families – and without these goods there would be no photo-shoot!

By the time the client realised their error the photographer was booked and confirmed and all the set costs were beyond refund.

Whilst the photoshoot was set for a Tuesday morning, and the vessel carrying their cargo was due to dock the previous Sunday evening/Early Monday morning, the delivery date was not for another week!

The shipment did not require a dedicated container for itself and so had been shipped in a groupage container with other cargo.

The average turnaround time for a vessel to dock, unload, have the container moved to a freight station, where it then has to be 'devanned', go through customs clearance and final packaged for delivery was 7 working days.

import from China

As per our customer service promise TES spent the weekend chasing the shipment through the various stages at express speed – whilst extremely difficult this is possible to do with the right knowledge and connections.

Liaising with the various parties involved we were able to ensure that , firstly priority was arranged for the moving of the container from the port to the container freight station, then we were able to secure special overnight unpacking of the container, followed by preferential, express customs clearance. We had also arranged to have the haulier on standby to collect as soon as the goods were available on the Tuesday morning and have them delivered ASAP.

Against all the odds we were successful in delivering the full cargo at 08.00 hrs on the Tuesday, several hours before the photo shoot was due to start, allowing the set-up to be completed in time and the photo-shoot to go ahead as booked!

This was not just any photo-shoot – the loss to the client had we not succeeded in having the cargo delivered a full week early would have been £10k, plus they would have had to go ahead and arrange and pay for the shoot all over again.

TE Shipping are focused on customer service and there are no lengths that we don’t go to serve our clients.

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